About me

Hello, My name is Luuk Hartsema, I am a Dutch qualified young ambitious graphic designer with extensive knowledge and skill in corporate identity, brand building, advertising, layouts, marketing and photography, throughout the whole spectrum of design. A thorough understanding in all these aspects of design stems from much research and practice from a young age, during internships, education, work experience and freelance jobs. I’m specialized in printmedia and able to create your:

I started showing interest in design when I was 14 years old. I’ve always been very visually orientated and I like to create things. I’ve started studying Communication and Design in 2005. Since then I’ve done many freelance jobs and I had the opportunities to do a few internships. The experience of working with real clients is different than doing class assignments. Often the class assignments are rushed to get a grade. I’ve been developing myself mostly in the field of work. I graduated in 2009 as Graphic Designer. Since then i've worked at a few companies like Ytec, Initio and Mused. Currently I'm employed as a brand manager at Astrasat. They approached me after I did some design work for them with the question if I was up for something challenging and exciting. Since i just came back from South Africa (2nd time) I could start imeddiatley.

  • A fine perception of a client’s needs. This skill serves to portray an image which the client desires.
  • An inspired team player with the ability to participate with others during brainstorm sessions for innovative & fresh ideas.
  • Enjoy motivated competition in the working environment.
  • Very enterprising and able to learn new skills quickly.
  • Interested in new developments or innovative design solutions.
  • Knowledge of all major design packages on Apple mac & PC
  • Strive towards perfection.
  • Down to earth
  • Wide range of intrests

Adriaan van Wyk, 9th of January 2009

It was a pleasure to work with Luuk Hartsema in 2008. I specifically chose Luuk out of a dozen other Dutch and South African interns. The reason for choosing this individual was because of a very good professional portfolio. I could immediately assess that he could be a benefit to my company. From the moment Luuk started working at Mused he had a very positive outlook in the office. Luuk impressed me with his questions about the company and what we do, Luuk came across as a very calm and collected individual and immediately familiarised himself in the Mused team.

Luuk impressed me with his technical skills especially his Photoshop knowledge which proved to be a benefit to Mused. He also saved the company money to do all our photo shoots in the time he was with us – not just saving money but also doing a fantastic job at it. Luuk proves to have a very sharp sense of precision, this is always very important especially in the finishing process. I believe that Luuk has the potential to be extremely creative though he still has a lot to learn especially in free hand drawing (drawing with a pencil or pen on paper) this is essential for planning your artwork. Mastering this will make him an exquisite graphic designer. Luuk also beholds a good sense of conceptualization – this could also always be improved by keeping his eyes open to the world and be known when it comes to trends in all sort of styles.

I believe that an internship must be beneficiary to both parties. Luuk has proved to be my most successful intern yet and therefore set a benchmark for future interns coming to work for my company.
I rewarded Luuk with a 100% monthly allowance raise after he proved himself in the first month working for Mused.

For Luuk’s future – I believe in his entrepreneurship, therefore I strongly recommend him to start his own venture in Design, Branding and Advertising. I also recommend that he must study in to the arts as far as he could. Then afterwards work for minimum two years at a large and busy advertising or design company for maximum experience.

This is a man with a bright future! And I wish him all the best for the future.

Creative Director and sole owner of Mused

Adriaan van Wyk